Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We love Madonna

My sister's blog on Madonna inspired me to do this Blog. Madonna was probably my first fashion icon...I'd go to the haberdashery department of our local department store and buy yards of ribbon to tie in my hair and cheap crucifix earrings from local jewellery store 'LimeLitze' - resulting in me being bailed up by the deputy school principal and told to remove my jewellery & big red lace bow as, it made me look like 'a rooster'. I used to dress up little sis in lace, net tees from Esprit and do a nice 'bruised eye' using Mum's purple eyeshadow and look replete with Madonna mole, drawn on with eyeliner. fun times! This Blog is dedicated to my dear friend Krissy, the biggest Madonna fan you will ever meet who has some of the most amaaaaazing memorabilia!
I was obsessed with Desperately Seeking Susan and used to dream about the boots featured. Madonna was the epitome of cool - her vintage/punk/rock-chick style, the way she dried her underarms under the hand dryer, her crazy job as a magician's assistant, living that kind of New York boho fairytale I have always loved. I watched it again last year and it's amazing how the fashion is quite current at the moment with the whole 80's revival - very rock/SoHo/New York. Not all 80's fashion was ugly - I loved the 'pixie' stiletto boots, studded belts & leather, lace bras & bustiers, Ray Ban Wayfarers, dark eyes, men's suit jackets, leggings, hand-fulls of bangles, crucafix jewellery, pearls. And lace always comes around again. Check out some stills below.
I haven't always loved Madonna's various looks (Geisha, 80's leotard monstrosity) - but here are a few of my firm faves.
Fresh-faced ingenue in 1982

I had this pic on my wall - crop top, midriff and rosary/crucafix. Classic 80's!

The Boy Toy, 1983

'Papa Don't Preach' Vid - I wanted this T.Shirt, 1986

Blonde Bombshell for The Girlie Show tour, 1993

Madonna in lolly-pink Versace with Carlos shortly after her pregnancy announcement 1995

One of my all time fave looks - in Tom Ford for Gucci, 1995

The Evita phase, immaculate in 40's style, 1996

Dolce corset dress, 1997

The Cowgirl Phase, 1998. Love a plaid shirt & boots!

In Karen Walker trousers & Helmut Lang tank, 1999

Newlywed in Mrs Ritchie Jacket, 2001

First tour in 8 years, Drowned World 's cyber-punk look designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, 2001

Suited with JT for 'Four Minutes', 2008

More fabulous suits (& above with Stella McCartney) - Madonna does man-style with aplomb

Dolce & Gabbana ads, 2010

*Updated January 2012

Here are some latest FAB pics of Madonna on the promotional trail for her movie W.e. also loving the artwork for her new album and cannot WAIT to hear Give Me All Your Luvin, her  first track & collab with 2 of my faves, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A from the her 12th studio album, MDNA.
  My favourite latest look - fabulous in velvet and lace Jean Paul Gaulter at the London Premiere of W.E
Stunning in Marchasa at the New York W.E Premiere
 In L'Wren Scott back to her Catholic-inspired fashion roots at the Venice Film Festival
 In Vionnet butterfly gown at the Venice Film Festival, 2011


  1. I love love love Madonna! I've been 'desperately seeking' rosary necklaces and black lacy tops for months now!

  2. What awsome pics. Thanks Lou luv the article and dedication. Madonna has sent me broke, but hey one consolation is I just won a competition from her fanclub so I'm smiling. Krissy:)x

  3. Yay - Dairsie told me about your Blog on the weekend and ...Ooohhh - lovely Madonna-ness - what a nice intro to your blog-world. Simon Sweetman asked for favourite Madonna tracks the other day on his blog... thoughts? (I had to say 3, it was too hard to limit myself to 1) H xx

  4. Hi Helen, thanks! Hehe, welcome to my world of ramblings! Gosh, fave Madonna songs? Yes sooo hard to limit, I will have to go off the top of my head:
    1. Vogue
    2. Ray of Light
    3. Get into the Groove
    I also love the duets! '4 minutes to save the world' with JT & 'Me against the music' with Britney.

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